Having a career in mixed martial arts is a lot more difficult than you might think. Sure, it is nice to think that you can have a career that could land you on television, but it is another thing to train for it daily for hours on end. The most important part of starting a career in this particular arena is being good at what you’re doing. This requires that you train every single day for hours on end so that you can brush up on all of your skills before getting into the ring with another opponent.I found Read the rest of this entry »

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Women Are Just As Big A Fan Of The UFC

UFC Is Not Just For Men
There is a general misconception about the sport called Ultimate Fighting Championship. Furthermore, UFC is considered to be a brutal, violent and hard to watch sport for those who do not like seeing someone get punched or kicked. However, there are men and women who are equally squeamish about this sport. What is more, the corollary is also true about UFC. That is to say, women and men equally enjoy watching UFC events. It is widely assumed that all women do Read the rest of this entry »

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After knocking out Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 in October during a fight on DIRECT TV, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been waiting for his next opponent. Michael Bisping had his chance to get the fight, but lost to Vitor Belfort, leaving just one realistic opponent to one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts: Chris Weidman.

Weidman is 9-0 in his professional MMA career, including 5-0 in the UFC. In his last two fights, he has defeated a top contender (Mark Munoz) and a former title challenger (Demian Maia). Coached by Matt Serra and Ray Longo, this purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has one of the greatest upsides of any prospect in the sport today. Weidman’s camp has been petitioning for the title fight since his knockout victory against Munoz last July, but Silva has been reluctant to agree. With no other options, the “Spider” finally agreed to fight the 28-year-old. The fight will take place at UFC 162 during the UFC’s annual Fourth of July event in Las Vegas, Nev.

Silva is one of the most-talented competitors to ever step into an MMA cage. He is 33-4 in his career, including 16-0 in the UFC and 10-0 in title defenses. Of his 16 fights inside the Octagon, just four have gone into the third round and 14 have ended with a stoppage. He has two of the best hands the sport has ever seen and can finish a fight at any point on the ground.
Most fans have been hoping to see a super-fight between Silva and Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones, but those plans would forever be altered should Weidman pull off the biggest upset in the UFC since Serra won the UFC welterweight title from St-Pierre. The simple fact that Serra will be advising Weidman heading into this fight is the only reason why Silva should be worried about possibly dropping his title. Serra knows what it takes to shock the world and will put everything he has into preparing Weidman for the gold.

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Two events highlight this year’s season, one that happened and one that didn’t.

In June, UFC 148 featured a long-awaited re-match between and Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. Silva won a TKO victory in what many considered the most highly anticipated fight in UFC history. On the same night, Forrest Griffin defeated Tito Ortiz by unanimous decision in their third memorable battle.

But perhaps the year’s biggest drama surrounded what didn’t happen, namely UFC 151. Read the rest of this entry »

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The UFC allows a variety of martial arts styles, but some moves are more destructive than others. For instance;

1. The Sleeper Hold: A submission hold that chokes off the blood supply to a fighter’s brain in 15 seconds, it can be a match ender.

2. The Guillotine: A reverse sleeper hold, this can also put opponents on the mat in record time.

3. Spinning Elbow: Wildly inaccurate, this move puts all your power and momentum into a single blow.

4. Leg Lock: When it comes to submission holds, this strategy leaves opponents limping away from the match they lost.

5. Body Slam: Rarely seen Read the rest of this entry »

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Mixed martial arts competitions have grown in popularity over the years. Spectators get the opportunity to see how well certain styles. Grappelers have enjoyed much success do to the advantages they have. Enthusiasts can read further and learn what makes grapplers great fighters.

Competitors learn various styles to increase their chances of wining in the UFC. The rules allow ground fighting, which means that knowledge of grappling will be essential. There are stand up fighter and then there are grapplers. Both skills are needed, however some fighters tend to focus on one aspect.

Grapplers will have significant advantages in competitions Read the rest of this entry »

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People are starting to watch Mixed Martial Arts as much as professional wrestling. The probable reason is that the competition and the violence is real and no one reads a script. There may not be much story line except for the background of the fighters, but it is genuine blood and bruises.

Third parties have found plenty of ways to get their own cut of the action. They might paint pictures resembling mixed martial arts on T-shirts and then sell them. The only downside is that private entrepreneurs cannot use the UFC logo without Read the rest of this entry »

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The basic idea of mixed martial arts is pitting two martial artists against each other, each one fighting in his own style. The sport is organized in a way similar to boxing, but due to the variety of combat styles involved, most kinds of strikes are allowed, although attacks that can potentially disfigure a victim, like head butting and hair pulling, are forbidden. Fighters engage each other with the intent of knocking out the other to win regardless, and the art of the sport lies less in the merits of a given martial art, but rather in the speed, strength, and cleverness of the fighters.Check out this link here. Matches revolve around three five minute long rounds with a minute long break in between each. Winning a match consists of one fighter knocking out the other or overcoming his opponent to the point that the opponent cannot reasonably defend himself, www.directtelevisionpackages.com/, at which point the referee calls the match in a “technical” knockout. Should the three rounds complete without a knockout, a panel of three judges decides the match based on their organizational rules. Tournaments consists of pairs of fighters engaging in matches, and the winners continue to fight other winners until only one remains.

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